Meet the Doctor

Dr. Ali Azad graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2010. Upon graduation, he started working in different dental offices around Washington DC metropolitan area to gain experience and additional insight into the field of dentistry, performing procedures such as comprehensive dental treatment planning, various degrees of restorative procedures, endodontic procedures, and surgical extractions.

In addition to his clinical efforts, Dr. Azad has made it a point to give back to those with little to no access to dental healthcare by participating in a foreign dental mission trip to Vietnam with Operation Smile team. This trip gave him the opportunity to work with cleft palate children and educate the underserved population of that region.

At Oasis Dental Clinic, Dr. Azad is committed to provide his patients with optimal oral health care with the most advanced dental equipment. Furthermore, Dr. Azad strives to return his patients to ideal oral health, which is important for overall well-being and he insists that prevention is the first line of defense.

Dr. Azad has resided in the heart of Germantown since 2010 with his family and in his free time, he enjoys traveling, playing soccer and spending time with his friends.